Enchanted Waters

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Run on the special bridge

Enchanted Waters allows you to control a unique character to run on the bridge. This bridge is divided into many different parts which are far from each other.

This is an endless running game where there is a never-ending road. Your character will have to run continuously to be able to stay safe. This bridge is placed over the water. With just a small mistake, your character can fall into the water immediately. The graphics are simple but the gameplay of this game is extremely attractive.

How to conquer Enchanted Waters

Your main goal in this game is to make sure your character is alive. There will be no enemies or monsters along the way but you have to face deadly gaps.

Jump over gaps

These gaps are the main cause of your character's danger. They appear throughout your journey. Click the left mouse to jump over them. Let's jump at the right time! Otherwise, the game will be over.

Pick up gold coins

Besides the main task, you also need to catch the gold coins on the way. They are not for decoration but are used as cash in the store. So what can you buy with the gold you have? It's a character change in Enchanted Waters. You can buy eye-catching characters in the shop. In case you like other games, we offer some choices such as Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi and Stack Bounce for you. Have fun!