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Cuphead is an adventure game and Studio MDHR developed and published this game. You will help the main character defeat any enemies and overcome obstacles.

Learn about game Cuphead

This game is about two characters who are drawn with a cup appearance. The Cuphead character loses the game when he bets with a king of devils. The devil king wants to take two brothers' souls. They only stay safe if they take the other devil's souls and exchange them for the devil king. On the adventure, Cuphead has to face and fight many powerful bosses. Each boss will have a unique ability and can easily trespass. After finishing the Cuphead adventure, you can enjoy a peaceful game called Papa's Burgeria.

The Cuphead devil

In this version, Cuphead must overcome many obstacles to escape from Flower Boss. Many spikes and platforms are designed in this game. With one touch, these pikes can kill your character. So, be careful. There are two Flower Bosses here. They stand on the two tallest platforms. They won't let Cuphead jump over these high platforms.

Cuphead animation

Come to this classic game and experience retro hand-animated style. Cuphead animation reminds you of the cartoon movies in the the1930s. The movement of each character is very smooth. Until now, this game isn't out of date. There are even many other games inspired by the Cuphead game.

Cuphead gameplay

To win this adventure game and beat the boss, you should understand Cuphead gameplay first. This version has simple rules.

Avoid dangers

The most important rule is to avoid all spikes being put on the ground. They are very dangerous because the Flower Boss put them here to trap your character. Your character will run nonstop and he will run back when hitting the high platforms. Look at the obstacles carefully because they are very hard to see.

Collect coins on the way

The exit gates are hidden and you can't see them at the beginning. You need some coins to unlock them. The coins are put in random positions. As soon as you get enough coins on the screen, the exit gate will automatically appear. Then, you just control the character to reach these gates.

The Cuphead show

As soon as the Cuphead game was published, it attracted millions of players around the world. Specifically, the graphics and plot are highly appreciated. After the success of the Cuphead game, the Cuphead show was released. The first episode was released on February 18, 2022. You will encounter Mugman and Cuphead in this show. Are you ready to have fun?