Kate's Cooking Party

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Get ready to get busy at Kate's Cooking Party! You will become a professional waiter and serve food to all the customers. Don't keep customers waiting too long!

You will not directly cook like in Papa's Burgeria, Kate's Cooking Party will turn you into a busy waiter. The duty of a waiter here will be to bring food to customers and take orders. Do you think this will be a simple game? Really, the increased number of customers will make you a different view of this game. Do not worry! With lovely chibi graphics, this game will make all players love it.

The work of Kate's Cooking Party waiter

I bet you won't be able to rest your hands while playing this game because you must constantly move the waiter character. Moving from the kitchen to the dining table or from the dining table to the cashier will take a few seconds. Now let's see the specific jobs of a professional waiter in this game.

Arrange seats and order food for customers

Kate's Cooking Party designed a restaurant that is not too big but attracts a lot of customers. They will come to the restaurant constantly. You have to make sure there is enough space for them to sit before they get angry. Click on customers and drag them to the empty tables. However, you should note that there will be tables for 2 and tables for 4. Therefore, you should arrange the seat accordingly. Also, you need to go to each table to see what food your guests want to enjoy.

Bring the order receipt to the cashier and start serving

In Kate's Cooking Party, as soon as customers order food, you will bring this receipt to the cashier. Only then can you get food and water for your guests. Please note the order of service. First-in guests should be served first. The guests of Kate's Cooking Party are all very angry when they have to wait a long time.

Earn cash and complete Kate's Cooking Party quests every day

Guests will pay for the restaurant after enjoying the food. Don't let them leave because they have to wait too long. You can use this money to buy more restaurant supplies such as more tables and chairs. Each day you will have a different goal. For example, you have to sell 15 burgers today while you have to earn $200 for tomorrow's mission. The mission is different but your serving speed should always be fast. This game is also a good way for you to practice your finger skills. If you don't believe it, you can try it now.

A few notes in Kate's Cooking Party

  • You can speed up your waitstaff, customers, and even chefs by watching a few short ads. In addition, you can also remove the cashier so you save your time. It means you don't need to go to the cashier. However, he will still show up the next day.
  • When starting out, the daily dish will only have water and eggs. However, as your restaurant becomes popular, more dishes will be added to the menu such as burgers, dumplings and so on.
  • When you want your character to move to a certain location, you will just need to click on that location. Your character will go there according to the order you clicked. It's easy, isn't it! Let's come to the game to enjoy and explore.