Papa's Freezeria

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Receive a new job

Delicious ice cream cups with fresh ingredients have appeared in Papa's Freezeria. You will make ice creams to meet the customers' demand here.

Your character wants to find a new job. Papa Louie wants to hire more staff for his restaurant because he has to go on long trips. You will choose one of two characters here. It's Peny or Alberto. They thought that the job would not be hard when this restaurant was located on an empty island. However, a yacht arrived on the island with many tourists. Now, our characters have to become real chefs. Papas Games has many different cooking games such as Papa's Burgeria.

Guide to work in Papa's Freezeria restaurant

To create delicious ice cream, you have to go through certain steps. Now, I will give you an ice cream-making course. From how much ice cream to take to where to put the topping will be introduced here. Besides, customer reviews are very important to hone your skills as well as the amount of tips you receive.

Take order in Papa's Freezeria

The customers will stand at the order station to order. The ice cream order will be copied onto an order ticket. The ingredients and toppings of the ice cream will be shown here. Then, you can take it to the other station without remembering each ingredient.

Build the ice creams

After knowing the client's order, you will move to a build station to build an ice cream. First, click to choose the cup size ordered by the customer. Press the button on the ice cream when the meter is centered to fill the cup with ice cream. Choose the mixable item ordered and press the pour button on the Mixable Machine when the meter is centered.

It's time to mix Papa's Freezeria ice cream

You will start mixing the syrup and bits into the sundae by dragging waiting cups to a free blender. Follow the time you mix and it has to match with order. Remember following the customers' order

Add topping on ice cream

When adding the topping, you must ensure the right order of them. Click and drag a topping or syrup, and release the scoop or bottle above the sundae cup. After releasing , move your mouse left and right to pour the topping across the sundae. Then, just click the finish and finish the ice cream!

Some mistakes that make you lose points in Papa's Freezeria

Don't keep your customers waiting too long because no one likes to wait in a boring way. If the ice cream you make doesn't match the customer's requirements, you won't be able to get positive reviews. Customer reviews will be divided into 4 categories including waiting score, building score, mixing score and topping score. If you do well, you will probably get a lot of tips.