Iron Snout

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Help a pig fight off the wolves in Iron Snout. The number of wolves is large and they will attack the pig from many directions. Be very calm to attack again!

Wolves are always the villains in every fairy tale. In this game, they also become dangerous animals. They followed the herd and wanted to catch a pig. The number is too large, but the pig is not easily caught. The pig uses his strength to attack these wolves. He needs your help. Come and rescue the poor pig.

Defeat the wolves in Iron Snout

The pink pig has great strength. He alone can defeat a pack of wolves. As soon as the wolves come near, he will kick them away. Let's see, what you need to do to be able to create attacks.

Use attack techniques

You just need to use the arrow keys to hit the ferocious wolves. Observe which side the wolf is approaching you from. Then use the appropriate arrow key to damage the enemy. For example, press the right arrow if a wolf is trying to attack you from the right. However, the ball's character can only stand in one place to attack the enemy. So, as soon as the enemy is about to reach the pig, punch them.

Let's defend well

To increase the difficulty of Iron Snout, the developer gave wolves that can attack from a distance. They can throw knives at the pig. Jump up to dodge the knives. In addition, giant knives with springs and rockets will also cause your pig to lose HP. If the pig's HP is depleted, you lose. So, by all means, keep the pig safe.

Iron Snout modes

This game has many modes for you to choose from including Classic, 1HP, 100 wolves and 1v1 ball. Each game mode has a different gameplay but your main character and goal will not change


This classic game mode is endless. The wolves will attack your character until he dies. You need to try to destroy as many enemies as possible. In the beginning, you will easily destroy the enemies but the game will become more and more difficult later on. Pay attention to your HP bar.


This is a very difficult mode that is only for professional gamers. Instead of having a full HP bar, your character has only one HP. If he gets hit once, the game ends immediately. Therefore, you must ensure absolute safety for the pig.

100 wolves

The name of this mode says it all. You will have to fight 100 wolves. They will attack you continuously and rapidly from the very beginning of the match. Newbies can get stressed playing this difficult mode. However, you can also test finger speed with this mode. Although, this mode is very difficult but not as challenging as the game Papa's Burgeria.

1v1 ball

This mode is probably highly entertaining because there is no deadly battle here. You will play ball with an opponent. Whoever gets 3 points first wins. If you are too stressed with the above 3 modes, you can switch to this mode.