Papa's Burgeria

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Papa's Burgeria provides a chance for you to become a chef in a famous restaurant. You will develop your cooking rank step by step through many days.

Cooking is many people's hobby. For some people, cooking is a daily activity. Many game developers take cooking topics as the main theme of their games. Then, these cooking games became the most popular game genre recently. Thousands of cooking games are released every year, but Papa's Burgeria is always an outstanding game for cooking lovers. You don't need to wait anymore, I will introduce some noteworthy information.

Papa's Burgeria unblocked

Unblocked games are always found by students at the school. Many fun games can't be accessed when players are at school. However, playing Papa's Burgeria unblocked is possible everywhere as long as you connect your device to the Internet. Moreover, with HTML5 technology, this game is accessed by mobile devices or desktops. Therefore, you can take your phone and play this unblocked game right on our website. Now, the customers are coming to your restaurant and the ingredients are ready for serving. You are the only employee in this big restaurant. You will take on the role of the chef and also the manager of this restaurant. As a chef, you will have to take customers' orders, grill and flip burgers, add the right topping and serve burgers to customers. The key to the game is multitasking and you must keep up with the waiting clients. After completing an order, the buyers will give you tips. As a manager, you will use the tips to purchase upgrades. The profits you get also raise after that.

Follow some statistics in Papa's Burgeria menu

To run a restaurant business, tracking and analyzing metrics is a necessity. Unlike regular games where you only focus on cooking, you will need to pay attention to a few notes about your information and customers.

My information

In this section, you can see today's customer points and total customer points. Moreover, your rank is also shown here. You will restart as a newbie and you will upgrade your rank with certain points. For example, you will get a trainee rank after reaching 104 points. Besides, don't forget to conclude your tips today and total tips.


Improving your cooking skills is good, but you also need to learn about your customers. At the start, your customers are very few or there is even one client. After that, the number of customers also increases and you should look at their profile in the customer sections. From that, you can understand their flavor. Of course, when you can meet the customers' demand, they will give you positive feedback and points. For example, your customer is Mandi who loves cheese, ketchup, onion, lettuce and tomato topping.

Work of a Papa's Burgeria chef

A chef's job has never been easy even in this online game. Be prepared and serve the food on time. Otherwise, customers will have a poor review of your cooking skills as well as the quality of the restaurant. So you need to grill the meat well and don't let it get overcooked or raw. In addition, keeping customers waiting for a long time also affects their reviews. Now, let's also learn the steps to make delicious cakes.

Take orders

You will click the left mouse button on the take order to see the burger that the customer wants to choose. Customers will line up and you need to take their order in turn. For each burger of a guest will have different ingredients and recipes. And these recipes will be included in the tickets. You can use tickets to remember the necessary ingredients and they will also have the customer's order number on them. If you keep customers waiting for too long and you don't order them, you will lose points. If you prepare the burger for too long, you will also lose points. When you look at this ticket you will see what toppings you need, how long to cook this patty, which sauce. Drag tickets to the "ticket line" hanging across the top of the screen for storage.

Grill the patties

The meat is put into a corner. Now, you just need to click and drag a raw patty onto the grill to start cooking. The patty needs to be cooked on both sides, so you need to click on the patty to flip it. Click and drag a patty onto the stack on the right to use it when building burgers. Roll over a patty to view the cooking detail. You can see a clock and estimate the time through it. You will lose points if the patty isn't evenly cooked. Flip your burgers to try for 50% cooking on each side. Papa's Burgeria restaurant always ensures the quality of the food. Therefore, the customers will give the little point when the burger is getting cold. The time you cook a burger is based on how they ordered it.

Build Papa's Burgeria burgers

After completing the grilled patty, you will start building a burger. Drag a bun heel to the center of the Topping Station! It's time to check the client's order ticket and drag toppings and burger patties onto a burger in the right order. Click and drag the sauce bottle above a burger and release it to squirt. Drag a top bun onto a burger to put it on a tray and get ready for serving. Drag the customer's ticket onto the stand on the tray to finish the order. To get a high score, you must place the topping in the correct order and correct toppings. Placing them off-center on the burger is also important.

Finishing the Papa burgers

After building the burger, you will take it to your customers. They will look at your burger and give feedback. Their reviews are based on three standards which are the waiting score, grilling score, and building score. If you do a good job, you will get a large tip and vice versa. Every time you do a good job on an order for a customer, he or she will get one star on his or her Star Gauge. Fill out a customer's Star Gauge to earn a "Star Customer" badge and a bonus tip. When a customer has earned badges, they will also tip more. The value of the badge will also increase from copper, silver to gold.

Upgrade the Papa's Burgeria restaurant

A restaurant that wants to grow and make a lot of profit, needs to constantly innovate and upgrade. From there, the user experience will also be better. Therefore, you should visit the Upgrade Shop to spend the tips you've earned. I'm sure you can find some interesting items here. For example, you can buy posters for your lobby that will let customers wait longer before you lose points. The doorbell will ring when a new customer enters. Thanks to it, you can know new customers even when you're in the grill or building station. At the end of each day, your progress is automatically saved. Your progress is also saved when you buy an upgrade for the Burgeria. If you quit in the middle of a work day, any points and tips you earned that day will be lost.

Let's develop the restaurant in Papa's Burgeria game

Are you ready to become a talented manager and a great chef? This game will give you a chance to be able to do these two jobs at the same time. Game data will always be saved, so you can continue to develop your restaurant at any time. Don't forget to choose your favorite character! With light and addictive gameplay, you can spend hours playing this game. Now, diners are waiting for you in Papa's Burgeria.


Although this game is more interesting than others, it may take you some seconds to wait for loading game data. The reason is that the amount of detail and graphics in this game is quite a lot. However, then you can enjoy a super smooth game. So, be patient while waiting for the game to load!