Papa's Bakeria

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Why does your character work for Papa's Bakeria?

Your character wants to find a job and her/his dream job is in Dance Studio. Then, she or he applies and is recruited. When your character comes to the studio, it closed. She or he is very sad and needs a job. Papa Louie appears and hires your character. From now, your character will become a chef of the bakeria. Let's start the game now!

How to view order tickets

Customers will come and make requests for their pies. The ingredients and order will be listed on the order slip. You can see the order number, toppings, amount, and top crust here. topping placement, pie fillings, and crust type. Your customers will be angry if you don't take their order for a long time. Of course, they will give you low scores.

What you need to do in Papa's Bakeria

To be able to create delicious pies, you need to follow the steps. In addition, pay attention to the notes and orders of customers. They will be the ones to judge your food directly, so don't let your customers down.

Prepare the raw pies

Drag a bottom crust into the pie tin. Then, you can add filling to the pie exactly how they are shown on the ticket! Click on a filling button across the bottom of the station, then press and hold the green fill button to start pouring. When the fill meter looks like the meter shown on the ticket. If the customer wants more filling, click the filling button for the next filling and repeat. You can make a solid top crust by dragging the crust from the storage bin onto the pie. If the customer doesn't want any top crust at all. Then, you can move the pie to the bake station

It's time to bake your pies

You must ensure the quality of the pie when baking. You will lose some points if a pie bakes too long or takes it out too early. Pie will appear on the counter at the bottom of the station. Drag pies into a spot in the oven. Let the pie bake until the bake meter reaches the arrow above the bar.

Add topping to your pies in Papa's Bakeria.

You need to follow the topping that the customer orders to add. They can order syrups, pourable toppings and whipped cream for their topping. You just need to follow the recipe on the ticket in order to add topping. Don't use the wrong toppings.

Somethings you may like in Papa's Bakeria

  • You can create your own character in this game. Changing the clothes, adding a beard and so on. Just create a character you like.
  • You can even make your cookbook after a long time working in the bakeria.
  • In this game, you just need to use the mouse to play. Don't let your customers wait for a long time because your tip will decrease.
  • For more games, Papa's Burgeria is a game with the same gameplay and the same developer. You can have fun with it.