Papa's Taco Mia

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One of the classic cooking games is back with Papa's Taco Mia. The themed food in this game is delicious Tacos from Mexico. Upgrade your store constantly!

Flipline Studios' famous cooking game has conquered many fastidious players around the world. With unique characters and addictive gameplay, these cooking games have quickly become a favorite among players of all ages. Now I want to introduce to everyone a game in the Papa Games series, which is Papa's Taco Mia.

Selections in Papa's Taco Mia

This version has not had many differences from Papa's Burgeria. You still have three save slots and two characters. Your game progress is normally saved somewhere on your computer, not on the website you're playing on. There are three save slots, so you can save three different game processes. Moreover, you also have two character selections. You can choose Mitch or Maggie in this game. Don't forget to type your username.

Why you own a Taco restaurant in Papa's Taco Mia

Your character entered a Taco eating contest. Whoever can eat the most Tacos can win the first prize. Of course, your character is the winner in the end. Are you curious what the first prize is here? Papa Loiue has given a Taco bakery to your character. With the passion for Tacos, can she or he make delicious Tacos and grow the shop?

How to makes Papa's Taco Mia food

You must to wait the customers and follow their orders which are written in a ticket. Then, you will take the order ticket to the grill station and building station to do the Taco.

Grilled meat

Papa's Taco Mia takes meat is the Taco filling, so you must ensure perfect grilled meat. Click and drag a pan of meat onto the stove to start cooking. When you need to flip meat, drag the spatula onto the pan. You can see a time circle include flip marker, current cooking time, cut marker abd finish time. You just need to look at the marker to do the suitable steps. Then, you'll have an amazing Taco filling.

Add topping in Tacos

The steps to complete a Taco is adding topping in Papa's Taco Mia. The topping and sauces must be added in right order. Don't let the sauces or topping fall out the Taco because the customers also rate the building scores section as well. If you put the wrong toppings or sauces, it can also cause your score to be deducted a lot.

Increase your Papa's Taco Mia

You will start at the newbie and then increase your rank gradually through days. The more points you get, the more quickly you gain high rank. Further more, the customers also give more tips for you. Then, let's use this tips to purchase some items to upgrade your restaurant like Poster Motivation, Grilling Gear and so on. They may help you get more points from your customers. With fun gamepla, I think that you will have the best time. Parents can also rest assured to let their children play this game because it does not contain violent images.