Papa's Cupcakeria

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Papa's Cupcakeria shows you some unique recipes for creating cupcakes. Complete step by steps to become a master chef. Now, it's time to serve cakes!

To vote for a good cooking game series, no one can ignore Papa games. Many people love the burgers in the Papa's Burgeria game. Some gamers love the delicious pancakes in Papa's Pancakeria. For me, Papa's Pancakeria is always on my list of favorite games. Colorful cupcakes will help you reduce stress in life.

Become a reluctant employee in a cupcake shop

Papa Louie went to get certification for his cupcake shop today. However, on the way, Papa Louie had an accident. His car and his staff collided with a black car. To compensate for the damage, Mr. Louie asked the owner of the black car to go to the manager of his cupcake shop. From there, our main character begins to become a chef and a manager of a cupcake shop. Your daily task is to make cakes and bring them to customers. Don't forget to buy more items to upgrade the shop.

Recipes for making cupcakes in Papa's Cupcakeria

First, you need to know what kind of cupcake the customer wants to buy first. Recipes and ingredients are listed on the order ticket. Don't confuse the ingredients and the order of the toppings. Speed is also very important in the baking process.

Make batter

First, you need to choose the ... and the cake batter that the customer ordered. Click and hold the button to start filling a cup with batter. Release to stop filling when it's about half-full. Don't pour too much!

Bake cakes

Drag the cupcake pan into the oven. Wait for the cupcake to bake. Watch the timer on the oven. When it reaches the line on the timer, it's done baking.

Add toppings

First, add frosting to each cupcake! Choose the frosting they order on the left cupcake. Click on the left edge of the cupcake and start frosting the cupcake. Then, you will add other toppings and cherries on the top of the cupcake.

How to use the money you get in Papa's Cupcakeria

After the customer receives the cupcake, they will send you tips. You can use them to buy things like upgrades, furniture or clothing in the shop. The upgrades contain various upgrades for the restaurant which help you do your job better. You can buy new furniture, posters, wallpaper, and flooring for your restaurant in the shop. Each item will improve your various station scores in some way. Don't forget to customize your character with new clothes in Papa's Cupcakeria.