Snake Game

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About Snake Game

Welcome to the world of snakes in Snake Game. Control your snake to become the king of snakes with the largest size. Eat lots of food and kill other snakes.

Join snake war in Snake Game

You are participating in an exciting game where players worldwide can fight against each other. Here, you will not turn into a human warrior. You will play as a colorful snake. You will be sent to a playground with many other snakes. Many foods will be along the way, and you must eat them to grow. Be careful with your opponents' attacks. Attack and destroy them as soon as you have the chance. This is an endless game until your snake is destroyed. When one snake of a player is killed, a new player will join in this battle. Are you ready for this war? If this game isn't suitable for you, let's try Papa's Burgeria where you can become a talented chef.

Navigate your snake in Snake Game

In this game, you just need arrow keys to control your snake. The snake will move automatically and fastly. Therefore, you also need to reflex as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can't reach the place you want to go to. The snake's head is the weakest part and your opponents may attack its weakness. Therefore, you must protect its head carefully. You should avoid all opponents. Besides, the yellow barriers around the playground can destroy your snake too. So, don't hit them.

Some items on the way

You can see some main items on the playground. They are apples, poison, and bombs. You have to consume as many apples as possible to grow up. Although you can kill other snakes when you are small. However, a big size can bring many advantages to you. Don't get the poison or bomb. Poison can minimize your size while a bomb can kill your snake. Remember the function of these items to conquer this game.

Notes when playing Snake Game

  • You can play this game on your mobile devices or desktop because this game has HTML5 technology. Moreover, this technology allows this game to run directly on the web browser. So, you don't need to spend time installing it.
  • You can see some stats on the screen when playing this game. It includes rank, defeats, and a mini-map. These can help you much when battling with others.
  • You aren't confident with your control skill. If not, you can play practice mode to enhance your skills. Then, you can move to enter the official battles.
  • It's better to play in the full-screen modes that can bring a great gaming experience. Children can also play this fun game. They can have a relaxing time with this game.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to change the snake's direction.