Funny Cooking Camp

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Funny Cooking Camp is a cooking game where you not only make food, but you only do some other work. What are they? Now let's discover with me!

To do list in Funny Cooking Camp

To be able to build a camp, you need to complete quite a few different jobs. If you like building or cooking, this game will be right for you. With cute characters, this game is really suitable for children.

Build a perfect oven

You will find a suitable location to build the brick oven. An empty lot with a few bricks was already there. However, they get dirty so you need to clean them first. Next, finish building a square fence with new bricks. A solid foundation of cement and stone must be made so that the kiln can be placed. Finally, build a cute cat-shaped oven.

Make a grill in Funny Cooking Camp

What do you need to have a perfect grill? The first is a container for storing coal and an iron grate. Next, to prevent the coals from burning the grass, you need four legs. So where can you find them? You will play a mini game here. You will see the cards flipped down. Now you will flip them over and remember the position of the images of these cards. If you flip two cards with the same picture, you will get the tool on the picture.

Bake Funny Cooking Camp pizza

Is your favorite food pizza? It's time to bake pizza. First, roll the dough into a pizza shape. Next, add a topping to your pizza. A slice of tomato, chili, mushroom and sausage will make your dish more special. Remember to sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the pizza before you add the topping. Once the prep is complete, pop the pizza into the oven you built. Do not bake the cake for too long as it will burn. Watch out for the time bar!

Make skewers with ingredients from Funny Cooking Camp

The ingredients will run on an automatic line. They will appear and disappear very quickly. You have to be quick to collect them. Look at the sample to see what ingredients you need and in what order. If you have the wrong order of ingredients or the wrong ingredients, you will have to start over from scratch.

Let's have a great party with Funny Cooking Camp

Once you've done the chores, it's time to join this camping party. This game has very lovely graphics, so it is extremely suitable for girls. Many mini games bring many interesting things in this game that will keep players from getting bored. Cooking games are always food parties for those who love cooking. Come to the burgers party in the game Papa's Burgeria where you can make the best burgers. Are you ready?