Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

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What happens with Papa Louie restaurant

Prepare for a new Papa game called Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack. Instead of serving customers, you will have to save them from the pizzas monsters.

Papa Louie's restaurant decided to give out pizzas to tenants on a special day. Staff will help Papa deliver pizzas to every customer. However, some terrible things happened. The tempting yellow pizzas have turned into terrifying monsters. A pizza box transported Papa to the multigrain field. Try to find those pizza monsters and turn them into normal pizzas. The worst news is these pizzas are delivered everywhere in the building. Therefore, the pizza monsters are everywhere. The customers are probably trapped in cages too. Go check out all the rooms in the building and free the tenants. Everyone counting on you, Papa! Find out who's behind all of this.

Enjoy Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack online

You must be familiar with many cooking games of Papa games right? Many versions are inspired by many restaurants with different food. In this game, the setting will take place in the familiar pizzeria. When it comes to this series of cooking games, you will think of delicious food and remember recipes to cook delicious food. However, Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack will bring a completely different gameplay from the familiar gameplay in Papa's Burgeria. Instead of making delicious pizzas, you will have to fight pizza monsters in this game. This is an adventure fighting game genre. Are you excited to experience a groundbreaking game in this peaceful series?

Fight the monsters to save tenants in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

On the adventures, Papa Louie always face many problems such as he tough terrains, food monsters along the way and so on. His HP is showed through numbers of hearts on the left corner. Don't acess the monster too close.

Solve the monsters on the road

These monsters can be hitted by jumping on them like Mario games. You need some weapons. The weapons here aren't cannons, guns or swords. Let's use pepper bombs to kill them. For pizza monsters, you also can throw the perpper bombs into them to turn them into the orginal appearance. Be aware of their cheese because it can disable your character for some seconds.

Some notes when play Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

  • Raise the gate: gather all the pizza boxes in the level and stand on the pulley to open the gate and save the captives
  • Pulley System: Pizza weigh the platform down.
  • At the first level, you will save a "cruishida pepper" salesman by the way. When you collect coins, bring them to him to buy more pepper bomb. Just come to pizza parlor, and talk to him to buy more peeper. Only 10 coins per shaked. You also can earn pepper bombs on the way. However they are limited.


  • Use the arrow keys to walk, spacebar to jump.
  • Hit spacebar midair to glide with your hat.
  • Hold the key Z to walk to swing to hit cheese wads back at monsters
  • Tap the spacebar repeatly to break free.
  • Press X key to use pepper bombs.