Papa's Pancakeria

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Introduce Papa's Pancakeria

Papa's Pancakeria gives you a chance to become a master chef. Your main dish in this version is pancake. Let's make awesome pancakes to serve clients.

Your main character wants to find a job and brings his cat to the interview place. However, the cat lost and he needs to find his pet now. Fortunately, Papa Louie called him because the cat was in his restaurant. Your character comes and receives a message from Mr. Louise. He said that the cat love this restaurant and wanted to him manage it there. His career starts now.

Steps to serve pancakes to customers in Papa's Pancakeria

I think this is a cooking game that simulates the job of a chef and waiter. You will take orders from customers and make pancakes for them. Of course, if you do the job well, you will get lots of tips. There are three different stations for each step. These steps are easier than the steps in Papa's Burgeria.

Take order

The customers will come and order their food at the order station. You can take all their orders one by one. This order will be noted on an order ticket where you can see the recipe for the pancake.

Cook pancakes

Drag the batter onto the grill to start cooking a pancake. Customers will usually order more than one at a time. When the bottom turns orange, you need to turn the pancake. Try to cook a pancake evenly on both sides and watch Timer Mater to decide when the pancake is done cooking.

Stack pancakes and add topping

Some toppings are poured across the pancakes. Drag a cup of blueberries over the stack. The last item is Blueberry Syrup. Drag the syrup bottle above the stack of pancakes.

Get the positive feedback of Papa's Pancakeria clients

To get a good review from a customer, you need to meet all their demands for the pancake. There are four standard points to give you a score. They are waiting for score, building score, grilling score, and drink score. You must be quick because your clients aren't too patient. Don't make any mistakes in grilling and building processes.

Explore some badges in this game

If you can complete these badges, you can earn a lot of money. I will give you some outstanding badges here. You can get $100 if you get a perfect score on 30 orders. If you earn 15 gold customer awards, you earn $100. There are many different badges that are waiting for you to achieve in Papa's Pancakeria.