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Wiggle to beat Scribble opponents

You are bored and want to find a game to entertain. You should play Scribble, which is an arcade game for everyone. You need to expand your region.

If you like a game where you aren't alone, you should give Scribble a try. In this game, you will own a magical square that can draw colorful lines. This line is the boundary of your territory. This is a multiplayer game, so you have to compete with many other players in the world. They have the same aim as you. They also want to expand their territory and attack others. Therefore, you should be careful with their attack. Everyone can play this game because of its simple control and easy gameplay. Children can have fun with this game.

How to play Scribble

You can make your region in this game by covering it with colorful lines. Swipe the mouse to control the square which can draw lines. You have to always make sure that you make completed circles. Otherwise, your opponents can hit your incomplete circle and you will die. Of course, you can utilize this to destroy your opponents. When playing the match, you can see some stats on the screen. You can see your rank and a mini-map. From that, you can see the opponents' location. You can actively attack others or defend and expand your territory gradually. Be careful with new players who may appear in your region.

The rules succeed in Scribble

  • This game was designed with full-screen mode. You should play in this mode to have the best experience. You can see the opponents and mini-map.
  • When the others want to attack you, you can move the square back to your territory. It is the safest place for you.
  • Let's select your favorite square before entering the match. This game is endless, so you can play it until you are destroyed. When one player is eliminated, another player will be sent to the playground.
  • In the beginning, your land will be very small. You should be calm and patient to expand it. It's better to move carefully and in a short space.

Some characteristics of Scribble

  • Thanks to its HTML technology, you can play this game on your mobile or desktop. Without installing it, you can play this game on the web browser.
  • This game has simple control and easy gameplay which can be played by children. They can enhance their control skill and have fun when playing this game.
  • This is an endless game. You can restart the game at a new playground when you are destroyed. Of course, you can go back to the previous playground.
  • You won't be alone when playing this arcade game. You have to battle and attack other players in this game. Besides this game, you can have fun with Papa's Burgeria. Come and enjoy this drawing game.

Game control: swipe the mouse to control the character.