Burger Bounty

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Manage a restaurant

Burger Bounty offers you a relaxing job as a manager and chef of a burger restaurant. You have to work continuously to serve the coming customers.

The burger is always the favorite food of many people in the world. There are also many different online games related to burger stores. This game has the same gameplay as Papa's Burgeria. However, your cooking process is easier in this game. Besides cooking, you also need to upgrade and buy furniture for your restaurant.

Things you need to complete in Burger Bounty

The diners will come to your restaurant constantly. Your mission is to bring delicious burgers to them. Your actions must be quick because no one wants to wait long. They will leave if they have to wait too long.

Serving burgers

You only need to stand in front of the kitchen for a few seconds to make burgers. These cakes will be delivered to the table outside the dining room. Then you need to bring each cake to each customer. There will be customers who can eat more than one burger!

Disk Cleanup

After the customer has finished eating, you need to go to their table to bring the dirty plates to wash. If there are still dirty dishes on the table, the guests will not sit at that table.

Collecting money from customers

You will immediately go to the cashier counter after the customer has finished eating. If you let them wait too long, they will leave and you will not receive any money. So don't forget this most important job.

Buy more utensils for Burger Bounty restaurant

When you first start, you only have one table. However, you can buy new tables and chairs to accommodate more guests. Use the money you have to buy them. In addition to tables and chairs, you can also buy other tools such as coffee machines. From there, you can increase your collection by selling coffee. Moreover, do not forget to visit the store to redesign your restaurant. You can buy more decorative items, change the floor or redecorate the wall. As long as you have enough money, you can give your restaurant a new look.

Upgrade character in Burger Bounty

You know what else is important to be successful in this game? That is the character's ability level. You can boost your character's speed and capacity with money. Your character can move faster and carry more burger plates. This is very necessary. You won't be able to manage an ever-growing restaurant without an upgrade. For the control, you just need to use arrow keys to move the character.