Stack Bounce

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Destroy platforms with a ball

Stack Bounce is a popular game where you bounce a ball to break platforms. Reaching the bottom of the helix to pass a level. Be careful of black platforms.

You can see many colorful platforms making a helix. It's time to break them. You only have a ball to complete this mission. Click and hold the left mouse button to destroy these platforms. In case you want to play more game, you can have fun with Burger Bounty.

How to pass a level in Stack Bounce

As I mentioned, you only level when the ball reaches the finish line. You even can break many platforms at once. However, you must pay attention to the black platforms that can destroy your ball.

Get the powerful blast

Destroying many platforms at once can charge the ball's power. When the power is full, the ball can clear any objects in the way, even black platforms. However, this power only lasts for a second. Therefore, you need to control the ball when it stops.

Keep the ball safe

The ball is an important object in this game. If it is broken, you will lose the game immediately. Thus, you must guarantee the ball's safe. The black platforms are only reason can crush your ball into small pieces. Have fun!

Unlock new balls

The balls with different colors and shapes are designed in this game. You only can use them after completing some certain levels. Some balls only open when you finish some task like breaking 5000 platforms. I think that these Stack Bounce tasks are very worthy to try.