Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi

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Make nigiri sushi now

Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi will reveal a recipe for delicious sushi. The grandma will guide you step by step, so don't worry. Hope you will like this game!

Meimei is a friendly girl and she wants to make nigiri sushi for her friends. However, she doesn't know the recipe. Therefore, you need her grandma's help. The grandma will text her to explain what she needs to do. There are many steps to make a sushi party.

Steps to make sushi in Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi

You have to follow grandma's guide to complete your mission. Are you a talented chef? Let's prove your skills here.

Prepare ingredients and objects

Look at the needed objects and items to pick them from the kitchen. You need to observe quickly and collect them faster. If you take too much time to complete this task, the stars you get will decrease.

Slice ingredients

You will have to cut the fresh ingredients and prepare them to complete the next step. In this step you have to cut really well and use what you got in the first step. You have to cut many ingredients, so be patient! Try to get three stars!

Complete sushi

In this step, you will finish delicious fresh sushi. Let's create rice balls with preprocessed ingredients. The dish will be very beautiful if your rice rolls are made according to the pattern. Let's create different types of sushi with different ingredients. If you like a cooking simulator game, you can try Turkey Cooking Simulator.

Please choose a costume for the character

After finishing the cooking, you need to choose the best clothes for Meimei. She needs to be pretty to meet her friends. Hair color, clothes and jewelry are all customizable to your style in Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi.