Turkey Cooking Simulator

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Cook Turkey for Thanksgiving day

Turkey Cooking Simulator is a realistic description of a process of cooking turkey. You have to put the turkey into an oven and wait until the turkey is cooked.

I think that this is one of the most realistic simulator games. The graphics show you the turkey as the real one. However, the graphics aren't the best. The unique feature here is the time to cook. In the normal cooking game, you just need some seconds to complete the cooking steps such as in Papa's Wingeria. However, in this cooking simulator game, you have to wait about 10 or 20 minutes to cook the turkey. What amazing!

The steps to cook a turkey in Turkey Cooking Simulator

You have to complete some steps to have the delicious turkey. Now, I will talk more about these steps. I think you also can experience the process by yourself if you play this game.

Buy ingredients

For the cooking game, you can't skip choosing ingredients. Let's go to the supermarket. Of course, you must choose a big turkey first. Then, you can select other ingredients. Be careful! If you buy too much food, you will break.

Bake turkey

Put the turkey in the oven and customize the temperature now! Don't increase the temperature too high because it can cause an explosion. Then, your character can be hurt. Finally, you just need to wait until the turkey turns the color of honey. The waiting time is quite long but it isn't too boring. You can listen to the fun stories or jokes of the family members.

Two Turkey Cooking Simulator modes

You can select one of two modes including casual mode and hardcore mode. In casual mode, there is no culinary honor, and time skips are allowed. For hardcode mode, you need to take real-time to cook the turkey. Let's choose your favorite one and enjoy this Turkey Cooking Simulator game.