Papa's Wingeria

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Become a reluctant chef

Papa's Wingeria turns your character into a chef who manages a small restaurant. Now, let's make the best-fried wings! Follow your customers' orders!

Your protagonist has won a trip to Starlight City. Here, he continued to spin the prize and won first. His prize is a fried chicken wings restaurant. Now, he is the chef and manager of this restaurant. I will teach you the simple steps to becoming a chef.

Steps to fry chicken wings in Papa's Wingeria

First, you need to know what the customer wants through order tickets. Please order food for customers and patiently watch the ingredients! Now, let's fry wings!


Drag a meat bin onto an empty fryer, and then drag the slider on the lid to the amount you want to cook. Watch the time meter on the fryer baskets handle, and cook until it reaches the white line. When a batch is done cooking, drag the basket onto the Finish Bowl to send it to the Sauce Station.


Check the card next to a waiting bowl to see what kind of meat it contains, and how many are in that bowl. Drag a sauce bottle above the bowl to start the Sauce Meter. Release the bottle when the number on the Meter matches the number of wings. When the Tumpler attaches and the meter starts, click the green button to toss the wings in the sauce when the spin meter is completely green. If you add too much sauce, your plate will get messy.

Building in Papa's Wingeria

Drag wings, slides, and dips to the plate, following the customer's order. Space items evenly around the plate, creating a pattern with the wings and sides. Don't stack items on top of one another. This game is one of the Papa's game serie which includes Papa's Bakeria.