Trap The Cat

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Catch the cat

Trap The Cat is a fun puzzle game with very addictive gameplay. You need to capture a cat on a grid. You will prevent the cat from jumping out of the grid.

The cat is always very intelligent and they can escape in many dangerous situations. In this game, you need to prevent the cat from escaping. The black cat stands in the middle of the grid and it can jump from one cell to another cell. If this cat jumps out of the cells, the game will end. Remember that the cat can't jump on a cell with dark color. Therefore, you will utilize this feature to trap the cat.

Turn the cell into dark cells in Trap The Cat

You can see many yellow cells on the grid. The cat can be free to move on them. So, you will turn them into the dark to trap the cat. Of course, you don't need to turn all cells into the dark. Let's create an enclosure to confine the cat.

Predict the cat's movement

The cat always wants to escape, so it will move to the exit which is near it. The cat only can jump to the cells which are nearest. If you click the left mouse one time, the cat will jump one step. Therefore, it isn't too difficult to predict the cat's movement.

Surround the cat

Don't try to surround the cat with the cells which are close to the cat. It's better to design a trap that is far from the cat. To do this trap, you must have logical thinking. This game is a great way to practice your brain. In case you want to play an entertaining game, Gold Miner is always here.