Gold Miner

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Mine as much gold as possible

Gold Miner is a classic game where you have to mine gold or diamonds under the ground. You have to use your claw to overcome many challenging levels.

Drop claw

You can see many large gold nuggets underground. You now have the equipment to pull them up. Drop the claw on the ground. You have to aim properly at the gold nuggets to pull them up. As soon as you claw straight the gold piece, click the mouse to hook it on the gold. You need to look closely and look properly.

How to control

You can left-click or press the down arrow button to drop the claw. If you want to explore the object you are dragging, press the up arrow key.

Enjoy two game modes in Gold Miner

You can play this game with one of your friends in two-player mode. Two people will play on the same device and accomplish the same goal. Each level will give a certain amount for you to complete. If you play alone in single-player mode, you will still have to complete the same quest. In addition, this money can be used to buy some items in the shop.

Some Gold Miner items in the shop

  • After you have grabbed onto something with your claw, press the up arrow to throw some piece of dynamite at it and blow it up.
  • Strength drink helps the miner reel up objects faster in the next level. The drink only lasts for one level.
  • Diamond Polish makes the diamond at the next level worth more money. Only good for one level.
  • Rock Collect Book makes the rocks worth three times as much money on the next level. This is only good for one level.
  • Lucky Clover helps you increase the chance to get something good out of the grab bag to the next level.