The Mergest Kingdom

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Build your own kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom will give you a small island. Here, you will build your own country by merging objects. You can expand your territory with keys.

A strong country needs modern things. You will combine primitive materials into more advanced items. You can discover many things that you did not know. They will bring you many benefits. Your kingdom will have the help of craftsmen. They will help you mine and complete some objects. Show you are a smart king!

How to develop your island in The Mergest Kingdom

Each object in this game will have a certain role. You need to create them with rudimentary items. From there, you can develop your kingdom further. We also provide a building game but you won't grow a kingdom. You have to stack the blocks to create a tower in Balance Tower.

Merge the items

Items when combined together will create amazing items. However, there will be a rule to merge items together. They must be the same items. Also, you have to make sure they match 3 items together. There will be many new items and objects appearing as you explore new lands.

Area expansion

As you level up, some new areas will appear. However, you cannot use these areas yet because they are not unlocked yet. You need a certain number of keys to be able to use these new lands. These keys can be obtained during the merging of items in The Mergest Kingdom.