Balance Tower

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Become a skillful builder

Balance Tower requires your great balance skills to complete many levels. You will build many towers which are made from a lot of random blocks.

You think that building a high tower is very hard. However, this is very easy in this game. You just need to stack the blocks together. You must balance these blocks. If one of them falls down, the building may be destroyed. Many levels are waiting for you to conquer. Don't forget to enjoy the boat race in Boat Rush.

How to play Balance Tower

This gameplay is quite classic and simple. To complete a level, you just need to balance the blocks which are stacked together.

Stack enough blocks

Each level will require you to build a tower with certain blocks. If you can finish this mission, you can level up. It seem easy but some newbies need to take time to get used to the game rules.

Solve difficulties

The length of the blocks will change randomly, so you need to put them carefully. Moreover, the hook which capture the blocks will move very quickly. Thus, you must estimate accurate time and position to drop the blocks.

Game control: To drop the blocks, click the left mouse button. What are you waiting for? This game is for players of all ages. Children and their family can play Balance Tower together.