Boat Rush

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Boat race in this game

Drive a boat in Boat Rush! You need to move as far as you can. Don't forget to collect coins on the water. To show your skills, you have to pass challenges.

There is no opponent and the river only has your boat. However, obstacles and traps will be put along your way. You only need to collide them, the game will end immediately. Therefore, try to dodge them! You can even buy some new boats in the shop if you have enough coins.

Move for the long distance in Boat Rush

There is no finish line or exit gate, so the boat can move forever. Of course, you can extend the distance as long as the boat won't get into an accident. If you want to play a simple game, you can try Cooking Mania Express.

Keep the boat safe

Some obstacles such as huge rocks, lasers or other boats are on the way and you need to avoid all of them. Believe me, your boat isn't too solid. It can be destroyed because of collisions. So, let's wiggling through the obstacles in this game.

Get the coins

In this game, coins are very important. You can use them to buy some new boats. Collecting them isn't too hard. Just move through them to grab these coins. However, don't try to get these coins and endanger your boat. Besides coins, you also even see some stars. They also are useful for you in Boat Rush.