Cooking Mania Express

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Open a burger store

Let's manage the store of Cooking Mania Express! You will make the burgers which follow the customers' order. Achieve a given target to complete a mission.

The burger is always the favorite food of many people. You know that demand, you open a burger store where you serve the best burgers. The order of clients is very important. You must follow them to make the burgers. Moreover, the speed of making burgers is also very necessary. Your customers' patience is limited.

Finish missions in Cooking Mania Express

You must earn enough money in each mission to complete it. Of course, the game is limited. Therefore, you need to serve as many burgers as possible.

Serve correct food

Each client will have a different request for their food, so you need to look at their order first. The ingredients of the burger they want and their order are what you need to take care of. If you bring the wrong burger customers, they will be angry and go away. Besides burgers, they also want to drink. Take the right drink to them!

Tackle the impatient clients

Some customers are very easily angry. They don't want to wait. You can give them some salad to increase their patience. However, salad in the store is limited and you can buy them with coins.

Purchase something in the shop

You need to upgrade your burger store with some objects such as chairs, jukeboxes, and flowers. You can get more tips if your store has them. Of course, you have to have enough coins to buy them. Let's achieve tasks to earn coins in Cooking Mania Express. You also may like a burger restaurant in Burger Bounty.