Tall Man Evolution

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Have fun with simple gameplay

Tall Man Evolution takes you to a pretty interesting stickman race. Your stickman needs to run to the end of the road to defeat an evil giant stickman.

Your character is just starting out as a short skinny stickman. However, you can make him big by collecting energy along the way. Of course, many challenges are waiting for you on the road. When you reach the end of the way, you can hit the final boss.

Make the stickman stronger

You will see portals with numbers on them. If it has a plus sign, it will make your stickman bigger. Naturally, you have to go through it. Choose portals that have a large amount of energy added. Besides, stay away from the red portal because it will reduce the energy you have.

Dodge many obstacles

You will probably see a lot of barricades along the way. They can make your stickman smaller. In addition, some enemies will also stand in your way. If possible, rinse them on the go.

Beat the final boss

To reach the boss position, you have to have enough energy and tons of barriers on the way. Actually, you don't need to destroy him to pass a level. However, you can get more gems if you can complete this task.

The effect of purple gems

Along the way, you will probably see a lot of purple gems. You wonder what they do? In fact, they are used as money in this Tall Man Evolution game. You can unlock many new skins in the shop. The more expensive the skin, the more unique it is. If you don't like stickman, you can explore emojis in the Emoji Puzzle game.