Emoji Puzzle

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Explore different emojis

Emoji Puzzle is a unique game that takes many emoji as a puzzle. You need to connect the emoji together. Sometimes, you have to choose the correct emoji.

Do you text with friends or family often? If so, I think you'll know about emojis in messages. Now, these emojis are included in this online game. This is a fun puzzle game for everyone. Sometimes you have to be really smart to be able to solve these puzzles.

How to pass levels in Emoji Puzzle

This game offers a lot of levels for everyone to challenge themselves. Many of the emojis that you often use will appear here.

Connect the puzzle together

There will be two emoji columns. You need to connect the emojis of these two columns together. To connect emojis together, they must be related. They need to be related to each other. For example, an ambulance will connect to a doctor or an icon bank will connect to an icon pocket.

Choose the emoji

Some levels will not force you to connect symbols together. You will have to choose one of the available emojis that need to be of the same type as the emojis in the box. You will complete this level when you choose all the emojis correctly.

Unlock new emojis

You can even unlock more new emojis after you complete certain levels. You can even use hints if you get stuck. Of course, you need to see ads to be able to use the hints in Emoji Puzzle.