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Swingo lovable character wants to eat a yellow berry. Use the long rope to be able to move your character anywhere on the map. Take a blast!

Meet the Blumgi characters again

Do you know the Blumgi Ball game by Blumgi Studio? In that game, you will have to throw the ball into the basket. However, things will change in Swingo. Instead of throwing the ball, you will help your character eat the fruit at each level. These fresh berries will appear in the most difficult of places to see. Therefore, you can follow the instructions of the game. Familiar funny characters will make you laugh.

Eating berries in Swingo

When you get close to berries, your character will automatically eat them. Of course, you will probably lose this game if you swing out of the playing field. Instead of flying or jumping, your character has a special rope. It can be attached to a hand that can hold anything. Use everything on the way to move your character.

Unlock lots of cute skins

With the huge collection of skins in Swingo, this game deserves to be on your favorite list. Unlike regular games, you only need to complete levels to unlock your characters.

Be careful with spring mattresses

These pads can bounce their characters a great distance. Sometimes, you can take advantage of it to move further. However, they can also cause your character to disappear from the screen.

Complete a level in a short time

Although this game has no time limit, your completion time will always be recorded. So, try to complete the level as quickly as possible. Let's break the records of other players around the world. This game with great gameplay will completely relax you. When playing, you just need to use the mouse to be able to use the rope to move the character.