Blumgi Ball

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Change the boring atmosphere with Blumgi Ball! Funny characters will try to throw the ball into the basket. You will help them do these things.

What makes Blumgi Ball so attractive to many players

This game has eye-catching arcane graphics with a beautiful beach scene. Sometimes, you will see seagulls while throwing the ball. The clear blue sky with white clouds is a great place to play basketball. The characters of this series of games also have their own unique characteristics. With their expressions, you will probably laugh when you see them.

Complete Blumgi Ball level

Multiple levels are what gamers like. They can conquer each level one by one. Just hit the ball into the basket, you can move to the next level. If you love this game, recommend it to your friends.

Throw the ball into the basket

It's hard when you have to throw the ball into the basket without knowing the specific position of the basket. You will have to move your character in the direction of the arrow to reach the basket. As soon as you see the goal, quickly complete the task.

How to control the character

You will see the direction of the movement of your ball. You can change the direction of its movement by dragging the mouse. Aim properly and release your hand to throw. The game will end if your character falls into the water.

Unlock more Blumgi Ball characters

This game is designed with a lot of different characters. They have different colors and shapes. However, their expressions will be interesting if you complete a level. Complete a certain number of levels to unlock these characters.