Summer Fresh Smoothies

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Ready to fresh the summer

Make some delicious drinks with Summer Fresh Smoothies! In this game, you can discover many different recipes for drinks. Take orders and make drinks now!

The hot weather is coming and the cool drinks are always best-selling. Now, you will open a store that sells the unique juice. Instead of juicing with one fruit, you can blend several fruits together. Of course, you must follow the recipe of the game. Otherwise, your juice will become a mess.

Things you need to do in Summer Fresh Smoothies

This game will require a bit of your memorization. You need to remember the fruits and their numbers to make a delicious glass of juice. Time is the key to success. You must be quick because you must complete many orders in a certain time.

Grind the fruits

After each day, you will receive a new drink recipe. Do not worry! If you play long, you can even memorize all of them. If you forget, just review the notes on the screen. You need to look at the orders at the bottom of the screen. Then you just have to choose the right fruit. A green check mark will appear on the order when a glass is completed. Once there, you need to move on to making the next drink.

Game control

In this game, you just need to use the mouse to click on the fruits. You can see the fruits on the shelves. The fruits will be grinded one by one. You can look at the clock to know how much time is left. Don't forget to try Om Nom Connect Classic, which also requires using the mouse to play.