Om Nom Connect Classic

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Look at the cute characters

Om Nom Connect Classic brings many different monsters and candies to you. They are very adorable and you need to clear them out of the playfield.

The drawing in this game is very cute and the gameplay is also very attractive. Children can play this game at school during breaks. Players must be clever to connect the objects and monsters together. They only disappear when you connect two identical objects together. Time passes away. Therefore, you must clear all candies and monsters in the blocks before time's up.

Clear all things Om Nom Connect Classic

You will see a grid with many cells that contain different objects and candies. Let's clear them! Of course, you must observe carefully before you clear them.

Connect the same things

I think all of us know the Pikachu game. This game has the same rules as that classic game. You need to connect two same things together to make them disappear. However, the pair of things mustn't be unobstructed by other objects. They will be connected by perpendicular lines. Pairs of objects can be horizontal or vertical, but they are not allowed to lie diagonally.

Use the support

Sometimes, you get stuck in some movement. It's time to use the support. You can exchange the position of things if you get in trouble with them. Moreover, you also can find a hard pair with these supports. However, these times of support are limited. Besides this game, Mad Scientist is an interesting game offered for you.