Mad Scientist

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Break into the opponents' base

Mad Scientist turns you into a scientist with modern weapons. You are in the enemy's base. Let's kill all the foes that stand in your way. It's time to fight!

You will encounter a mad scientist who is familiar with the cartoon film. In this game, you will control him to defeat any opponents. Because he is a scientist, he creates many powerful weapons. Let's use them to face the enemies. This game is endless, so you can play until the character dies. How far can you move in this challenging game? You can make a record and then beat it by yourself. If you like puzzle games more, you can choose Trap The Cat.

Shoot all the enemies in Mad Scientist

Your character will move continuously on the way. Therefore, you just need to drag him to avoid touching enemies. Don't forget to fire by pressing the spacebar.

Grab the weapon

Many other powerful guns appear on the way. You can collect them to strengthen your damage. Each gun has different bullets. Therefore, you can try all of them by grabbing all of them. Trust me! The later weapons are always stronger than the previous ones.

Stay away from Mad Scientist enemies

You can shoot foes from a far distance. Therefore, you must beat them before they can attack you. Some of them will shoot you back. Be careful of their bullets. Let's dodge all of them because they can decrease your character's HP points.

Get some items

You can see the HP and some other liquid on the way. They will supplement your character fitness. For example, the mad scientist can take the red one to increase the HP.