Stack Jump

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Jump and jump in Stack Jump

Help a small monster jump in Stack Jump! If you don't jump on time, the platform will push the monster out of the ground. It's time to show off your skills.

A small animal in the sky reminds you of Doodle in Doodle Jump. With similar gameplay, this game is well worth a try. If I rate this game, it seems harder than Doodle Jump. Each jump, the monster will only jump up a single ladder. If it jumps at the wrong time, it will probably fall into the air. Sounds dangerous!

Hit the record in the game Stack Jump

This game does not have a leaderboard so how is the record. Actually, beating yourself up is also a kind of challenge. You will try to score as high as possible. Then you will break that record yourself. In addition, you can also challenge your friends. Who will have the higher score?

How to calculate points

This game is endless. Each time you jump on a platform, you will be able to get a point. The more platforms you jump on, the higher your score. At this time, the speed of the game is also getting faster and faster. You have to react quickly and accurately. This game can also train your reflexes.

Game control

You just need to click the left mouse button to jump up. Of course, you need to calculate the distance between the characters to jump properly. As soon as the platform approaches, jump on it. The platform in this game will move from two sides to your character. They can also push your character down. Don't forget to share Stack Jump with your friends if you like this game.