Doodle Jump

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Jump in the sky

Jump and jump in Doodle Jump! A cute creature is trying to jump to the sky. Let's use the platforms on the air to jump higher and reach further.

This game has a very unique drawing that reminds me of children drawing. However, the game has very addictive gameplay. Let's jump to reach the sky. Of course, your character has no wings, so he just can use the platforms as the levers. The platforms are infinite and this is an endless game. I think even children can also play this game. At the beginning, the game may be very easy. Then, the game gets harder according to the distance you have traveled.

How to reach the sky in Doodle Jump

As I mentioned, jumping is very necessary in this game. Your character will jump up automatically when he touches the solid platform. You have to move him to the platforms which are scattered in the air. They won't be arranged in order because their positions are random.

Be careful of some danger

You will lose if your character falls out of the screen. This game not only designs solid platforms but also broken ones. They will be destroyed immediately with one touch. Moreover, you may see some monsters when you reach a certain height in the sky. Don't worry! Your character can shoot the bullet to kill them.

Support with some items

Besides the problems, many support items appear on the way. They can be the bamboo propeller, rocket, etc which can push your character up. Moreover, you can see some springs are put on the platforms. They will help the creature jump higher.

Notes when play Doodle Jump

  • Don't forget to enter your name before playing this game.
  • You must restart at the beginning point if your character falls. If you don't like endless games, you can try Cake Slice Ninja. You will slice any cakes in that game.
  • Just use the left or right arrow to move the character left and right. To shoot, click the left mouse button or press the spacebar.