Space Bubble Hero

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You need to explode all bubbles in Space Bubble Hero. With colorful bubbles, this game will relax your mind. Many levels are waiting for you.

What happens in this game

The background of this game is in the galaxy and you will own a special cannon. It will shoot colorful bubbles out. Your mission is to destroy all bubbles which are on the screen. The bubbles are too many and they occupy many places in the galaxy. Now, they need to be destroyed. You will be a hero in this game and fire now!

Clear all the bubbles

To complete a level, you must clear the bubbles on the playfield. Look at the top line! You will lose if this line touches the bottom without destroying all bubbles.

The rules to pop bubbles

If three and more of the same bubbles are next together, they will automatically pop. Of course, you need to shoot the balls into a suitable position. You need to observe the color of the bubbles and have a clever strategy.

How to control

You just drag the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to fire. Let's use the dotted line from the cannon to know the bubbles' direction. You may like Monster Rush which has the simple control, too.