Monster Rush

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Control the cute monsters

Monster Rush is a shooting game where you shoot the monsters to the candies. If you miss the shot, these little monsters will be in danger because of spikes.

You will meet the character Om Nom again in this game. If you've ever played Om Nom Connect Classic, I think you'll know this adorable monster. However, Om Nom in this game will no longer be green. You can even unlock more monsters with different colors and looks. You probably know that the hobby of these monsters is sweets. Now you will help them get the colorful candies on the screen.

Shoot Om Nom to the candy in Monster Rush

Om Nom is standing on a small pedestal. On either side of it are delicious candies. He really wanted to eat them, but they were too far away. If it falls down, it will be very dangerous. Take advantage of the force of the shot to push the little monster closer to the candy.

Don't hit the spikes

The background is designed as a tube. The two sides of the tube are gray spikes. As long as Om Nom touches them, the game will be over. So, you have to shoot this character to hit the candies instead of the thorns. Sometimes, these candies can even move. Then the game will become much more difficult.

Push to the coins

In addition to the candies, you can also see gold coins. Let's calculate the distance and time! Make sure that your character will fly over the gold coins when the destination is the candies. I know this mission is hard but I think you can do it. Good luck!