Poor Bunny

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Help the bunny

Poor Bunny is about a rabbit who wants to find carrots. There are tons of obstacles on the way. You can only avoid them by collecting many carrots.

I think everyone knows that rabbits' favorite food is fresh carrots. In this game, the rabbits are looking for carrots and they need your help. Carrots will appear randomly on the playing field. Reach them to get them. Of course, you will face a lot of dangers. The traps will appear one after another and are ready to injure your rabbit.

Enjoy Poor Bunny modes

To avoid boring players, the game developer has come up with 3 game modes. They will have different features, but your task will still be to earn a lot of carrots.

2 player modes

This mode allows your friend and you to play this game on the same computer. Two people will control two different rabbits. You will have to try to collect as many carrots as possible. Two players will have to coordinate rhythmically with each other. You will not be able to continue this match if the number of hearts is exhausted

1 player mode

You will be the only player here. Still catching the carrots. However, you will have to fight alone. At times, you will feel lonely but this is a good way to hone your skills.

Battle mode

Instead of working together to complete missions, this mode turns two players into rivals. Whoever has more carrots will be the winner. Challenge your classmates and show off your skills!

Change Poor Bunny character

Although the game has simple graphics, you will enjoy the game with a lot of beautiful skins. You can open them when you have completed enough points and reached the required number of carrots. At the beginning, there will still be some characters available to you. If you want to experience more beautiful characters, you have to unlock them first. The cute characters remind me of the little slime in Slime.io.