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Slime's battle for food

Slime.io is a platform where you only see slime. They are finding food, so the battle is happening. The biggest slime will be the winner in this fun game.

I'm sure you know slime with its toughness. In this game, you will see slimes become warriors. They will fight each other to find the only slime that exists. You will also participate in this battle. This is a multiplayer game, so you will face many other formidable opponents. Be calm! You can hone your abilities through battles. Try to be the only surviving slime.

Become the ultimate winner in Slime.io

In this game you will win if you survive last. To complete this task, you must complete the following steps. Follow me to know the rules of this game.

Absorb lots of gems

In other games, gems will always be rare and collected items. However, they are the slime's food in this Slime.io game. You need to move your slime around the map to eat as much food as possible. These gems will increase the size of the slime. The larger the size, the more power. Remember, only strength will help you win this war.

Attack the enemy

The playing field will shrink. Clashes are inevitable. If you are bigger than the enemy, you can devour them. However, if you are smaller than the enemy, you will be their tempting meal. So, when you don't have enough lives, running away from big slimes is best. You can split your slime into 2 smaller characters. Slimes with small sizes will be easier to move. However, they will also be in more danger. You can merge them if you want.

Use money to change skins

Slime.io has designed many skins with different colors. You can buy them in the game's store. As long as you have enough money, you can change the shape of slimes into adorable animals. In addition, you can also change the stage without using gold coins. Choose your favorite stage color.