Penguin Extreme Puzzle

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Penguin Rescue

Solve the puzzle in Penguin Extreme Puzzle! A penguin egg needs to be taken back to its nest! Now, you will clear all the blocks to help the penguins.

There are many ice blocks of different lengths lying on the river. This is nothing special. However, you can see an egg that has been stuck in the river. A penguin wants to bring the egg to safety. However, the blocks of ice form an intricate maze. Now you need to use your wits to move these flat blocks to create an exit.

Draw the ice blocks

You will find there is only one exit in this ice maze. The penguin can only move forward. Therefore, you need to determine the path that you need to pave the way. This path can be blocked. Let's skillfully move the ice blocks to different positions. By all means, the penguin must escape.

Complete quests fast

You can get up to 3 stars for completing a level in Penguin Extreme Puzzle. However, to get the maximum number of stars, try to get the penguins out as quickly as possible. If the completion time is too long, the number of stars you receive will decrease. You may see baby penguins hatching from the egg after you complete the quest.

Many levels in Penguin Extreme Puzzle

This game offers a world with dozens of levels. I'm sure the difficulty and complexity of the game also increases with the levels. You can also experience other games with many levels like Summer Fresh Smoothies. With simple gameplay, these games are very attractive to users.