Papa's Donuteria

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Papa Games is back with Papa's Donuteria. The theme dish this time is colorful donuts. As always, serve your customers with the best cakes. Have fun!

The storyline in Papa's Donuteria

Our staff is looking forward to the day we can join Sky Ninja. He's going to play the Line Jump Pass, but it's having problems. Unfortunately,! Papa Louie has a donut shop nearby. Papa Louie wants our characters to work in the shop and waits until the Sky Ninja event reopens next year. Naturally, our character agreed and started to become a great donut chef. You can encounter Papa Louie in Papa's Cheeseria.

Basic guide Papa's Donuteria

To be able to make a delicious donut, you need to have specific notes in each step. In addition, you also need to follow the customer's requirements in the order, Now let's explore the steps to make a donut.

Prepare donut dough in Papa's Donuteria

There are three balls of dough on the station. You will drag them onto the work area. Remember to choose the correct dough flavors! The rolling pin will automatically flatten all of your dough. Each donut is ordered in a different shape. Let's use a dough cutter on a slab of dough to cut out the correct shape. When all three donuts are cut out, they will automatically slide to the next station.

Fry donuts

Raw donuts will appear on the rack at the bottom of the station. Drag all donuts to the fryer and cook them. Let the bottoms of the donuts fry until it's time to flip them. Keep an eye on the timer to see when it's time to flip.

Complete a Papa's Donuteria donuts

If a donut needs a filling, do this before dipping it in icing. Drag one of the Filling Nozzles toward the donut on the build tray and release to inject the donut with filling.