Papa's Cheeseria

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Papa's Cheeseria is a cooking game where you become a talented chef. Let's make many delicious cheese sandwiches to serve your customers in the restaurant.

Cheese is always a favorite food of many people. Therefore, Flipline Studio created a new version of the Papa games series. This version will have a cheese restaurant and you will become an employee there. Just like any other restaurant, you must try to serve your customers on time.

How to play Papa's Cheeseria

If you have ever played Papa's Freezeria, you will be no stranger to the gameplay of this game. First, you will choose your character and next open the shop. On the first day, your store welcomes very few customers. However, customers will be very crowded the following days.

Order station

This is where the customer will order. Each customer will have different requirements for their dishes. The ingredients and order of the toppings will also vary. You don't have to memorize them. You will write down the ingredients and order on an order ticket to track.

Build station of Papa's Cheeseria

Click on a stack of bread to use it for a new sandwich. Drag a slice of cheese onto each slice of bread. Try to center it on the bread! Drag toppings into the sandwich in the correct order. Try to center these on the sandwich! Drag and release a sauce bottle above the sandwich to automatically squirt a serving of sauce onto the sandwich. When you're done adding toppings, drag the top slice of bread onto the sandwich to send it to the next station.

Grill Station

Sandwiches will appear on the tray at the bottom of the station. Let's drag sandwiches onto a spot on the grill above. You need to ensure the sandwiches are cooked on two sides. To complete it, you can flip the sandwiches. Watch the timer below each sandwich to see when it's time to flip.

Fry Station in Papa's Cheeseria

Your cooked sandwiches will appear on a plate. Each order has fries and toppings listed at the stop. Click on a Fryer Basket button to choose a kind of fry to cook. Wait until the green meter in the handle reaches the line in the center of the meter. Drag the fryer basket onto the plate to pour the fries.

What makes Papa's Cheeseria different

You only can choose the character in the Papa games, but you can create your character here. You also can select the available characters or customize them. Let's change the hair style, the beard, clothes and so on to make your own character. Moreover, you even can skip the guide in this game. If you must follow the instructions in other games, you can skip it now.