Panda Pizza Parlor

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Ready to serve pizza to customers

You will have to bake delicious pizzas in Panda Pizza Parlor. You need to make pizza according to the customer's request and not keep them waiting long.

Do you know who the customer in this game is? If the monkeys come to buy your goods in Monkey Mart, the bears will come to buy pizza in this game. You will also play the role of a bear with great cooking abilities. The main dish is pizza with greasy cheese. I'm sure these pizzas make you mouth-watering. What are you waiting for? Your customers are waiting for you.

Pass the Panda Pizza Parlor levels

Different from endless cooking games, you will experience different levels in this game. Each level will become more difficult as the menu becomes more complex.

Follow the customers' orders

Customers will come in front of your kitchen and you will bake directly here. Look at what kind of pizza the customer wants to choose. Then go to the ingredients to get the right ingredients. You won't get any money or even lose the game if you make the wrong pizza. The money in this game is bamboo sticks. Remember the ingredients and the order to make the cake.

Steps to make pizza

The first step to creating a pizza is to prepare the dough. Next, put a layer of cheese on top of the cake. Then you can put it in the oven. A simple pizza was born. However, there are some customers who want to add a topping to their pizza. Pay attention to what topping they want. You will add the topping right after adding the cheese.

A few notes when playing Panda Pizza Parlor

  • Pay attention to the baking time! When the timer ends, you must immediately remove the cake from the oven. Cakes left too long in the oven will burn.
  • If the cakes are burnt or do not meet the customer's request, you can put them in the kitchen trash. Then let's quickly make another pizza.
  • You just need to use the mouse to be able to play this game.