Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart has set up a small supermarket right in the jungle. Do you wonder who your customers are? Those are the lovely monkeys in this forest.

You will probably be quite surprised with the main theme in this game. It's not inspired by human-oriented stores like Papa's Taco Mia. This game re-designs a supermarket for monkeys. Of course, your main character will also be a little monkey. At first, you only have a small business, but the supermarket will grow more and more. The number of customers and types of goods will also increase significantly. Now, let's find out more details in this Monkey Mart game.

Monkey Mart's main quest

In the beginning, your monkey will be all alone. A lot of work will pile up on you. Therefore, you will hardly have time to rest your hands. However, you will be idle when you hire more staff monkeys.

Arrange goods on shelves

A good supermarket must always meet the needs of every customer. Avoid keeping your customers waiting long in front of an empty shelf. Always move around to make sure the shelves are always full. Merchandise supplies will always be placed next to the shelves. From there, you can move more smoothly.

Keep an eye on your Monkey Mart store

When you have enough money, you can hire more monkey staff to help you transport the goods. However, sometimes they will doze off during work hours. Not only employees, but animals like chickens or cows can also fall asleep. At times like that, your job will be to wake them up. Also, keep an eye out for troublemakers as they may throw your goods away. Chase them away as soon as you see them!

Monkey Mart character upgrade

Your monkey can be upgraded in speed or capacity. After upgrading, he can go faster and carry more items at once. In addition, you can decorate your monkey with beautiful hats. In addition, upgrades for other monkey staff are also possible. Save a lot of money and open another supermarket if you can.