Minigolf Clash

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Show off your golf skills

Minigolf Clash is a sports game where you can play golf on beautiful playfields. Your mission is to hit the ball into the hole on the screen. Good luck to you!

Instead of cooking like in Papa's Scooperia, you can now play golf in this game. If anyone loves golf, this game is for them. You can even change different balls and playing fields. This game will give you different experiences as the difficulty increases. The game is designed with eye-catching graphics that make you feel like you are playing golf on a real grass course.

Hit the ball into the hole in Minigolf Clash

If you've ever played golf, this game can't make it difficult for you. Your only task is to guide the ball into the hole. Then you can level up.

Limit your ball's movement

The distance from the ball to the hole is quite far. So, the first step, you need to guide the ball closer to the hole first. Your number of hits will directly affect your cup. If you lead the ball into the correct hole within the specified number of strokes, you can get the golden cup. However, you won't get the cup if you hit it too many times.

How to hit the ball

You just need to click the left mouse on the ball. Then, drag the mouse to adjust the ball direction and the hit power. You can also use your mouse to view the entire playing field and see where the hole is.

Unlock stages and skins in Minigolf Clash

This game has many new balls and new stages for you to conquer. However, to be able to experience them, you need to unlock them with money. This amount you earn after passing a level. The more valuable the Cup you get, the more money you earn.