Papa's Scooperia

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It's time to become a chef

Papa's Scooperia is one of the versions in Papa's game series. You will discover new dishes in this version. With similar gameplay, you will love this game.

You will transform into a character in this game. You visit the city but accidentally take over a food shop. Here, you will hone yourself to become a skilled chef. If you do not know how to play, I will introduce it to you shortly.

Make the best dish to your Papa's Scooperia customers

First, you will have to take orders from customers. They will give you the foods they want to order. The ingredients and their order will be recorded in the ticket notes. This game will remind you of Papa's Bakeria with the same developer. Come on, let's get to work!

Dough Station

Click on a bin of cookie dough to start preparing an order. Drag the scooper through the dough slowly to form a dough ball. Try to match the speed of the meter on the bin. Click on a mixable bin to dip the scooper and add that mixable to the cookie dough.

Bake Station

Each dough then slides onto the Bake Station on the left. Drag each dough ball into the oven to start baking the cookie. Wait for the cookies to bake! The cookie is finished when the timer reaches the white line on the meter.

Build station

You will first add scoops of ice cream to the sundae. Click on a bin of ice cream to select it. You need to scoop the ice cream by hand. Drag the scooper in a circle slowly, and try to match the speed of the meter around the rim of the bin. Syrups and toppings are added across the entire sundae, no matter how many scoops you have.

With these steps, you can complete your mission. Of course, the important thing is to follow the customer's order.