Idle Ants

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Help the ants transport food

Idle Ants is an idle game with addictive gameplay. If the ants are large enough and nimble, you can even just sit and watch them. Interestingly, right?

Did you know a colony of ants can move a much larger mass of food than it does? They will break the food into small pieces and bring them back to the nest. An ant cannot complete this task, so you need to help them build an ant colony. Let's bring all the delicious food back to the nest!

Move the food to the nest in Idle Ants

The food will be located next to the nest of the ants. Your task now just needs to send the ants to bring back the food. However, the speed and capacity of these ants need to be improved a lot.

Upgrade the ants

To increase productivity, you need to level up a few things like moving speed, ant number and food value. From there, the food will be bigger and more valuable while the movement speed of the ants will increase. In addition, the more ants, the faster the job completion speed.

How to control

In fact, this game is an idle game so it does not require you to control the character. However, you will still have to use your mouse to click on the upgrade icons. If you want to play busier games, you can try The Mergest Kingdom. Here, you will have to work continuously to build your kingdom.

Relax while watching the ants at work

The food will be much bigger than the ants. It's great when you see them less and less. This will relax you a lot. Moreover, sometimes you become lazy and don't want to manipulate, stop and just look at the ants. Idle Ants is for those who are too busy but still want to play games.