Heroes Legend

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Save the princess

A princess is captured in Heroes Legend and you will rescue her from a tower. Many enemies can challenge your skills. Let's cooperate with your friends.

Beautiful princesses are always captured by ugly monsters. The two warriors decided to save the princess from the high castle. They will have to go from the first floor to get to the top. You will control them to overcome all difficulties. This game is recommended for two players. However, if you want to challenge your abilities, you can play alone. The monsters in this game are very dangerous. When you finish this game you can try Space Bubble Hero where the bubble war takes place.

Control two Heroes Legend characters skillfully

To be able to get to the upper floor, the two characters must work together skillfully. They might have to help each other in defeating monsters.

Pick up the key

You will have to jump to high places to reach the castle's top. Your character has the ability to jump very high. The doors to go up will always be locked. So, you need a key to be able to go through these doors. When you step through the door, you will also level up.

Dealing with monsters

There will be monster minions guarding each floor. You can avoid them or kill them. Your two heroes have very good sword skills. However, if monsters approach them, they will lose a life.

A few notes when playing Heroes Legend

  • Each character has only 3 lives. If a character dies, you will have to start over. However, you can add more lives when drinking the red energy water bottle.
  • Player 1 uses the arrow key to move and press L to attack. Player 2 presses the WASD to move and use the F key to hit enemies.