Haunt The House

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Play funny horror game

You will try to scare others in the game Haunt The House. Floating all the rooms and making the others leave the house. You will be the most scary ghost!

You have probably played through many scary horror games. There are some players who don't even want to play scary titles. However, this game is drawn with a lovely graphic style. The ghost in this game will not be scary either. Children can also play this game. You are a little ghost and too many people are visiting your area. Your task is to scare the people in the house.

Threatening humans in Haunt The House

The ghost in this game possesses the ability to enter various objects. You will take advantage of this ability to be able to complete the quest. Pay attention to the number of people you need to kick out of the house.

The rules

Different objects have many different spooky actions. Level up your Atmosphere by scaring people out of the house. More Atmosphere means unlocking more powerful haunting. The aim is to scare all 30 party-goers out of the house. The front door is in the lower right corner of the house. Don't panic so much because they might do something stupid. Midnight approaches... Time to reclaim your once peaceful home!

How to play Haunt The House

You will use the arrow keys to move the ghost around the house. Then, press the spacebar to merge into the objects. To make some spooky actions, you continue to use the arrow keys. If you want to turn the ghost form, you can press the spacebar again. Do you want more thrilling games? Bandit Hunter is for you.