Bandit Hunter

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What is your mission?

You are a gunner in Bandit Hunter and you have to defeat all the bandits. Let's save the city from these bad guys. Don't hurt the hostages!

The city is attacked by robbers and you need to do something. With amazing shooting ability, you will have to rescue these hostages and the city. Take aim and the bandits in front of you. You need to kill enough bandits to pass a level. Be careful with your gun. It's not meant to shoot at people!

Become a hero of Bandit Hunter

You are the one who hunts the robbers. You will go into different locations of the city to take down the bandits. You may be in danger. However, I think you are qualified to complete the task.

Aim and fire

Move the target on top of the bandits. Once the target has been identified, click the left mouse button to shoot. Naturally, these bandits will counterattack. They will attack you with guns. Therefore, you need to destroy them before they open fire. Don't forget to reload your gun when you run out of ammo.

Avoid shooting at the hostages

These robbers took the people of the city hostage. Sometimes, they will force hostages to appear to take the bullets. You have to be very alert to avoid shooting at innocent people. Distinguish between bandits and citizens. The fierce battles remind me of Mad Scientist which is an interesting game.