Fly Trap

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Rescue the little fly

A cute fly is in danger in Fly Trap. You should do something to save it now! Otherwise, the fly will die and you will lose the game! Have a nice time here!

A blue fly got stuck in a big trap. This trap contains many sharp thorns and carnivorous flowers. The fly needs to avoid all of these dangers if it doesn't want to die. You need to control the fly skillfully to avoid the dangers. Each time you escape from danger, you will get points. This game is endless, so try to score as many points as possible.

How to get high score in Fly Trap

This is a difficult game. It has a simple but attractive draw like Stack Jump. To be able to achieve high scores, you must have excellent control skills.

Avoid falling or flying too high

You can see above and below there are sharp spikes. Your fly can die as soon as it hits them. So you have to keep the fly in the middle. This is also quite difficult. You will click the left mouse button or tap the screen to fly up and drop to fall down.

Stay away from the carnivorous flowers

The two sides will grow carnivorous flowers. They will appear anywhere. Don't let your flies come near them. Otherwise, the fly will become the meal of these flowers. I must say, there are traps in this game that will test your reaction and control skills.

How to control the fly

  • If you play on a mobile device, you can tap the screen to navigate the fly.
  • If you play on PC, let's click the mouse to play this game.